Bra fat?! Is that a thing? when there’s a little “excess” up around the armpit area that spills out the side of a woman’s bra strap, it’s referred to as bra fat. Now I guess this can happen in the front or in the back and it sounds like a problem nobody wants to have.  I will share a killer at-home chest, arms, and back workout designed to nuke this area and help everything “tuck in” nicely where it should be.

For this workout you’ll need some resistance. Heavier weights are recommended for the rows and flys (8-10 pounds) and lighter weights (2-3 pounds) are ideal for the Y, T, and I’s.


First Warm up

Jumping Jacks or Jump Rope for 3 minutes

The Workout

Push Ups-10 reps


Bent Over Rows – 10 reps
Really focusing on squeezing with your back at the top of the row.


Triceps Dips – 10 reps
Going through the full range of motion – great for the back of your arms and shoulder.


Y, T, I 10 reps each
The weights may be small, but there are no better moves for the posterior “bra fat” on the back of your armpits!
Lay on the floor or on a stability ball for an added challenge!


Chest Flys – 10 reps
Great exercise to work the entire chest/pec muscle group. The wider you go the better!
Another great one that can be enhanced on a stability ball.


Dumbbell Reverse Flys 10 reps
Sitting on the edge of a chair and leaning all the way over, the emphasis here should be coming from the muscles between your shoulder blades to initiate the reverse fly motion.

Or you could do it while standing.


Repeat this whole series of workouts through at least 3 times (4 if it’s feeling good!) and you’re on your way to eliminating “bra fat” from your life forever!

In the meantime you could wear these amazing bra fat tacking bras so prevent that extra fat from bulging over.

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