All of us want that killer body, just in time for the summer season. I bet you’ve tried countless diets and weight loss programs, all in vain. All hope is not lost, all you have to do is try out these 9 fitness tips and you’re sure to achieve your summer body in no time. These tips will guide you on how to move and what to eat:



1. Move in threes

All workouts have three variables: intensity, weights and volume. It is important to keep your body guessing and confused. Do this by focusing on one variable per workout i.e increasing the weight but lowering the number of reps on one day. On the next day, you could lower your usual weight, but add a set, or you could use your standard weight, but do more reps faster on another.

2. Do the pullup

Pullups are a versatile workout. Pullups strengthen the mid back, biceps and lats. In short, it is an effective workout for your upper body. If you can’t squeeze out a plank, get on down and do planks. here’s how to do a plank. Lie with your chest under a weight bar set to knee height on a squatting rack. Grab the bar with an overhand grip and, while keeping your body in one line, bend your elbows and pull your chest toward the bar. Lower your back to start, do 10 reps to begin

3. Row the boat

Spending 10 minutes on a rowing machine before strength training really helps with getting the blood flow to the muscles and joints. It is more effective than a stationary bike or treadmill. You may ask why and it is simply because it engages your upper body and core, it doesn’t isolate the legs.

4. Short-circuit your routine

In order to blast more fat, you have to combine strength training and cardio circuits. For instance, you can do a set of push-ups, jump rope for a minute. After that, do a set of squats and jump rope again. Keep doing this in alternating sequence. You’ll be building muscle while keeping your heart rate through the roof.



5. Cut back on refined carbs

Kick out the cookies, most breads, white rice, chocolate, cereal, anything with corn syrup or sugar. For your information, the moment you ingest refined carbs, it starts to increase your blood sugar, this in turn produces more than enough insulin. This is the hormone that can hold on to fat stores.

6. Eat five meals a day

You’ll eat three meals and two snacks. The snacks will come between breakfast and lunch, while the other will be eaten between lunch and dinner. This will help you have an unbroken flow of energy. In addition, eating less food more often is not taxing to your digestive system in comparison to eating a lot of food in one or two sittings. The five meals a day will greatly help in stabilizing your blood sugar, hence preventing outrageous mood swings or uncontrollable hunger pangs.

 7. Increase on protein intake

Try out a Zone-inspired diet, where you have a balance of protein, complex carbs and fat in each meal and snack you take. This helps in protecting you from an insulin overload. High quality proteins such as Greek yogurt, chicken and turkey contain amino acids. These help muscles recover speedily after a workout.

8. Drink good liquids

Before we look at the good stuff, lets get rid of the bad stuff. Cut out juices, sodas, lattes and artificial sweetened drinks.  All these drinks contain is unwanted sugar and mega calories. The main three reasons you drink liquids is for re-hydration. All you need for re-hydration is water. You don’t need the sweets, the coffees or alcohol. If you really need another liquid, make your own fresh juice or smoothies.

P.S: Stay away from the ‘diet’ soda. It has more sugar than you think.

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