For all those whose New Year resolution revolves around the weighing machine, congratulations for landing on this page. You know quite a lot about the foods that are correct and not-so-correct for your weight loss journey. But what about the beverages that can stunt your progress? And no, I’m not talking about alcohol here! Apart from booze, there are a number of other drinks that should have no place in your daily diet if you’re trying to lose weight. Read on to know what they are.

-The first sip-on that can screw your fitness goals is coffee. We know how badly you crave it after waking up but hold on to that caffeine fetish right away. Well, that doesn’t mean that you have to give on it totally! Just ditch the flavoured and extra-cream ones for a black coffee. The amount of sugar that you add should be inversely proportional to the number of cups that you drink in a day. Got it?



– You must be thinking that you’re doing yourself a favour by moving over to fat-free or skimmed milk. Time to burst your bubble! Experts suggest that by consuming low-fat milk over the long run, you’re more prone to gaining weight. Apparently, whole unsweetened milk is the best bet for losing that paunch.



– Prefer iced tea over diet soda for health reasons? Another bummer is on the way! No matter how light a cup of iced tea feels like, its sugar levels are not too far behind when compared to those of soda. If you just can’t give up on the beverage, brew it at home instead of purchasing readymade bottles.



– You’re hugely mistaken if you still swear by canned juices! A glass of any one such juice has no less than at least 6 spoons of sugar. Even if you’re the more homemade-juice kind, know that fruits also have a considerable portion of natural sugars. Click here for the list of fruits that are low on sugar.



– Energy drinks do a number of other things apart from what the name suggests, like bringing your weight loss journey to a stop! If you’re on track with your workout and diet, you shouldn’t need an external source of energy.

The worst part about these seemingly-innocent drinks is that you can drink up too much of it at a time since liquids are not too generous with the feeling of fullness. We’ve warned you!
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