Everyone embarking on a body transformation journey for greater fitness and better health, needs work outs that will help them reach their goals. There are a couple of excellent exercises that you can amalgamate to your regimen and you are sure to register excellent results. These workouts are simple, yet effective in strengthening the body as well as burn unwanted calories.

However, you need to keep in mind that it is not just about exercising, you also need to eat healthier foods and get enough sleep as regularly as possible. Don’t waste time doing hard and time consuming workouts. Engage in these seven simple workouts and you’ll transform your body rapidly.

Workout #1: Jumping rope

Jumping rope is closely associated with childhood activities. Do you remember the last time you jumped rope? jumping rope is an inexpensive and handy exercise, that can be done virtually anywhere. This highly effective workout burns more calories than any other work out a minute than any other. It is a fun exercise that can be done even with your kids present. It is a great way to fit in an intense and efficient cardio workout when on the go. So next time you’re travelling, going on a long trip or feel too lazy to hit the gym, just pick up your jump rope and jump for 20 good minutes. Trust me, it’s addictive!


Workout #2: Squats

The beauty about the squat lies in the number of muscle groups it works. This is a full-body compound exercise that helps in general strengthening of the body, tone the glutes, burning a lot of calories. It also raises the heart rate, therefore boosting calorie expenditure. If you want to heighten the heart rate a little more, you could do jump squats, or simply have dumbbells in your hand as you hold the squat position. This increases resistance and you’ll definitely feel the body burn.

Regular squatting can transform your body greatly and improves physical health.  This may sound a little crazy, but if you sit a lot through out the day, try and do several squats as you wait for dinner to cook, the PC to boot up or any other activity. You don’t have to worry about weights, free hand squats will work just fine.


Workout #3: Pushups

Many people dare not take this monster of a workout simply because it is harder to perform and that is understandable. However, this workout can do wonders for the body. It focuses on shoulders and arms, but it also raises the heart rate through the roof and greatly improves your cardiovascular health. There are several pushups that target other muscle groups. You could also experiment by varying the pushup to bring stress on various body parts and see how that works for you. Pushups also work the core and after doing a couple of them, you’ll definitely feel the burn.

If you are a beginner at this, you could start off by letting just your knees touch the floor, leaving your legs up. Then after that, do your pushups. Even then, you’ll feel the intensity and you’ll see your heart rate shooting up. If you want sculpted arms, do pushups a few times a week and watch that transformation take place.


Workout #4: Lunges

If you want to tone your legs in epic ways, do lunges. The reason why lunges give such excellent results, is because they isolate every leg individually. This in turn transforms your body in great ways. While you’re at your lunges, it adds serious cardio boost to the body and this increases when you do the jump lunges. It is advisable to do lunges everyday, since they are highly effective in building, strengthening and sculpting a couple of muscle groups and the body in general. Even if you may have a really busy schedule, lunges can still be done in a fairly small space and within a short period of time. This exercise guarantees transformation in a short space of time.


Workout #5: Swimming

Imagine doing a workout where you feel the burn and intensity, but you don’t give a drop of sweat! That’s what swimming does for you. If you want to transform your body in a unique way, get into the pool and take a dip. This Will give you astonishing results to say the least. Swimming strengthens the core and works different muscle groups. In addition, this excellent workout helps improve aerobic capacity, reduce blood pressure and strengthening the heart. This is also a great family activity and a way to get the whole family moving and having fun together.


Workout #6: Running

Running has immense benefits, they are actually countless. Running helps relieve stress, reduces the risk of depression, improve heart health and while at it, you burn mammoth amounts of calories. Running can help transform the body like magic. It helps in building the legs, giving them that nice look. Running in the morning is like therapy. I personally love it and every time I run, I feel like I’ve accomplished something. If you are not ready to run, try jogging. Jogging also has a similar effect to running and it also helps burn plenty of calories.


Workout #7: Cycling

Cycling is quite a unique exercise. it is an excellent way to get a good sweat, as you work your legs. It strengthens your back, arms and legs, as you push yourself more and higher, you are able to feel the intensity even more. Cycling also makes your heart work more efficiently, therefore aiding in weight loss. You could easily fit exercise to your daily routing through cycling, how? Well, it is a great means of transport that saves you lots of money, helps you stay fit and its is good for your general health. Whichever way you choose to cycle, whether it is with a friend, cycling partner or better half, just hit the road and make the most out of this body transforming workout.

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